Dear Nerds,

There have been a lot of questions about a Summit event in 2018. After much thought and talking it over with everyone involved, I've decided not to organize an event this year.

This was not an easy decision to make but I think it's the right one for me. I've been working on producing versions of these events since 2008 and I need to re-charge. 2017 was a huge success, no doubt - it certainly exceeded my expectations. But I want to take a beat and think about what we would do if we were starting from scratch today.

I know that this may be a disappointment to many of you and I'm sorry about that. If members of the community want to gather together in October informally, let me know and I'll try to help amplify your message. And hey, you can put down a Virtual Napkin anytime.

Because they are incredible people, the folks at The D have created a special 'Hunter is mean and took my Summit away' discount code, good for the entire month of October 2018 for any Nerds that want to make an ad-hoc journey. Just enter code NOSUMMIT18 at registration. Go down there and give them some business - they've been great partners for years.

Thank you to everyone that attended in 2017. And special thanks to all of our Boosters - we couldn't have done it without you. If you put off attending in '17 and were planning to make the trip in '18, I guess... sorry? You missed a great party.

What about 2019? Well we'll just have to see. Viva. 🎰

With much love,
Hunter & The Summit crew