Weekend of October 13th, 2017

🎰 The D Las Vegas | Golden Gate Casino 🎲

Use Codes DVIMFP or GVIMFP When Booking For a Discount



Event Schedule

Friday 10am Unofficial Craps Meetup @ Mandalay Bay
Friday 2pm Booster Material Pickup @ Golden Gate
Friday 3pm Welcome Soiree @ Bar Prohibition, Golden Gate
Friday 4pm The March
Friday 4:15pm Vue Bar Meetup @ Vue Bar, The D
Friday 5pm The PreakNERDS Sigma Derby Tournament @ The D
30 Max - $50 Buy In
[Rules] [Sign-Up Form] NOW FULL - Waitlist is Open
Friday 7pm Booster Material Pickup @ Upstairs at The D
Friday 11pm Priority Access to Get Your Photo Taken with The NHL's Stanley Cup @ Fremont St.
Saturday @ 3pm Champagne Toast (Elders of Fremont Boosters Only)
Saturday @ 5pm Mob Museum Tour w/ Dr. Dave (SOLD OUT)
Saturday @ 5pm Vegas Nerds Slot Tournament @ The D
96 Max - $20 Buy In
[Rules] [Sign-Up Form]
Saturday @ 9pm πŸŽ™ The Main Event πŸŽ™ @ The Showroom at the D
Featuring your emcee Misnomer, a live interview by Hunter + Dr. Dave (who will it be?), a fun new audience-based game called 'Which Wynn Won' including JohnH and MikeE and of course, Five Hundy By Midnight.
Sunday @ 1pm Mob Museum Tour w/ Dr. Dave (SOLD OUT)


About The Event


What is The Vegas Nerd Society?

The Vegas Nerd Society (@vegasnerds) is a group of like-minded Vegas aficionados that love casinos, carpet, booze and fun.

How can I become a card-carrying member of The Vegas Nerd Society?

Membership cards will be issued to 2017 boosters.

What is 'The Summit'?

An annual event in October, held in Las Vegas for us to get together to plan world domination (and have a few drinks).

What about the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic (VIMFP)? Is this the same thing?

VIMFP is no more. The Summit is the spiritual successor to VIMFP.

The Summit? Really? Are we robbing the Bellagio later with George, Brad, and the gang?

Damn millennial. Read a book.

This new name is stupid and you are a horrible person!

Sigh. Naming things is hard. It will grow on you. Or it won't.

When and where will the event be held?

At The D Las Vegas and Golden Gate throughout the weekend of October 13th, 2017.

Are there discount codes for the hotels available?

Yes, there are. Use DVIMFP and GVIMFP at checkout. Using the codes is a great way for our hotel partners to keep track of who is coming for our event.

How do I get tickets to the weekend's events?

The Summit 2017 booster program is sold out but you can join the wait list.

Who is organizing this event?

Me, Hunter, co-founder of VIMFP. I’m now a solo-artist. Well, of course I don’t do it alone, there are many people that help out in all sorts of ways. But ultimately, I'm responsible.

Why are you doing another event? Why not retire?

My simple answer is that I think the community wants it and deserves it and I feel like I'm able to facilitate it. Yes, it is a challenge to go it alone, not to mention trying to live up to the legacy built by VIMFP - but I feel like there's more to do, so here we are.

Is Chuckmonster from VegasTripping involved?

No, Chuck has retired from the Vegas Internet Mafia. We wish him well - we wouldn't be here without his contributions.

That said, if there's anything you don't like about any part of the event this year, don't blame him.

I'm on Team Chuck. Do you guys hate each other? Are you trading acrimonious letters back and forth via pug-based-messenger?

I'm on Team Chuck too! We've been through war together and I consider him my brother. He's wished us all in the community well and I can't wait to see what he does next.

What is Chuck doing next?

That's for him to share. I'd recommend continuing to watch VT on the web and Twitter.

Will there be a WSOSCJ / VIMFPtucky Derby πŸ‡ / Hangover Casino Cup πŸ† / Bingo / Icebreaker / etc...?

The only schedule item that's been announced so far is our Main Event on Saturday night but for those advance planners in the crowd, leave Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday night free at a minimum if you're angling for key events.

There are some aspects that will definitely not repeat. VIMFP was VIMFP and this is something new.

Are you going to go on and on about Macau? I don't care about Macau at all.

This is a Vegas weekend. But if you want to talk about Macau, just find me on the casino floor. It's hard to get me to shut up about it. πŸ‡²πŸ‡΄

What hashtag should I use on social media?


Is that it?

For now. Looking forward to seeing you there. πŸŽ‰